(Simple+Fast)Tetris screenshot


(Simple+Fast)Tetris is a clone of the classical tetris.

You must place the tetranomions to fill rows so they can disappear. Besides, each piece is formed by four blocks of different colors. Lining three blocks of the same color (either in columns or rows) will also make them disappear.


Press keyboard arrows to move the piece.

Press 'a' and 's' keys to rotate the piece counter clockwise or clockwise, respectively.

Press 'm' to mute the music.


You can download binaries of SFTetris for Windows from this link:

SFTetris v0.1

You will have to uncompress and unpack the file and execute SFTetris.exe.

Source code

The source code is hosted in GitHub. You can download it from this repository:

SFTetris on GitHub

You will need a Windows machine with a Microsoft Visual C++ compiler, SFML 2.0, and Boost 1.49.0 in order to compile it.

Copyright (c) 2013 by Alejandro Cámara