To Kill a Mocking Witch

(you need the latest version of Java to enjoy it)


You need the latest version of Java (JRE 7 update 10) to make it work in Windows. Sorry Mac people, but Apple and JRE 7 (LWJGL/libGDX) are not playing well together.

To play the web version just click on the above image.

Download Jam version

Download Non-Jam version

Coming soon, there will be improved versions with what we wanted to implement and couldnt because of time.


You are a knight, bound to kill a witch in a sealed cave. Why? Maybe you need money and her head is valuable, maybe you are bored and you love wet places, or maybe you just are that evil and violent!

However, she curses you. What's the curse? You gotta find out! And then.. ask yourself: does the curse even bother you? Or will you grow used to it?


Point with the mouse cursor.
Move with 'A'.
Attack with left click.
Defend with 'S'.