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What is my PhD thesis about?

My PhD thesis revolves around optical beam characterisation (download it here). In particular, my research lines include:

  • Phase-space tomography of the Wigner distribution (WD):
    • the experimental and simulated reconstruction of the WD for arbitrary optical beams,
    • the implementation of experimental optical setups able to obtain the WD projections (Gyrator transform and fractional Fourier transform), from which the WD can be reconstructed, and
    • the design of fast algorithms in order to achieve almost real-time reconstructions of the WD.

  • Moments of the WD:
    • obtention of the analytical expression for the arbitraty-order moment of the WD for an optical signal expanded in a complete set of orthonormal 2D functions (Hermite-Gaussian, Laguerre-Gaussian or Hermite-Laguerre-Gaussian modes), and
    • application of the second-order moments to the selection of the basis in which expand a signal in order to minimize the number of non-null coefficients.

  • Mutual intensity recovery:
    • obtention of the mutual intensity of a spatially partially coherent signal using only intensity measurements, without need for the WD reconstruction.

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