In my path to learning game coding I stumbled upon Prelude to the Chambered, a mix between a 1st-person shooter and a dungeon game. It was made in 48 hours by only one programmer, Notch (the creator of Minecraft) and it included the source code. He programmed it in Java, which I do not understand, but the code was so clean I could learn some Object-Oriented Programming (OOP) mechanisms he was using. This became a major breakthrough in my learning curve…

I was already making some progress in game coding, but nothing too far away from moving-an-asterisk-over-the-window thing. I was (and I still am) unfamiliar with the OOP design patterns (see Design Patterns by the Gang of Four) so whenever I used one design pattern it was a leap of faith into the unknown. Only when I realized that Notch was using them in Java I realized that was the path to follow.

Now I have a visible, playable, and extensible (sort of) version of Arkanoid. It still is under heavy development because many times during the programming stage I was deaf to the advice “program to an interface, not an implementation.”

Download the x86 binary executable for Windows (you may need the Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Redistributable Package):

Download the source code (you will need to compile the SFML and Boost library):

If you find this code useful, please let me know.

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