About this blog

Most of us have a blog just to feel cool. I do, and you probably too, don’t try to deceive me. I write here whatever I want to share with the rest of the globe. Sometimes it doesn’t make sense, sometimes it’s just rubbish, but there are rare occasions in which you find exactly what you were looking for. If that’s the case, just leave a comment. I’m always happy to read other people opinions.

You will probably find here references to game developing, Matlab tricks, and anything related with science in general and optics in particular.

I leave here part of the original disclaimer in Spanish which I think summarizes everything up:

En este blog se escribe lo que mi musa me ordena. La inspiración puede venir de una canción, un libro, una película, y puede desembocar en retazos de ideas rotas, estupideces ingeniosas y demás fauna volátil. No esperes leer frecuentemente cosas nuevas de esta fuente, ni esperes leer artículos científicos de calidad. Este no es el sitio.